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HTML Quiz Generator

Multiple Choice Quiz HTML code Generator | Javascript Quiz Code Generator | Quiz Code for bloggers

HTML Quiz Generator helps you to generate HTML, CSS, Javascript quiz code. By using this html quiz generator, you can generate multiple choice quiz html code with timer. You can create a quiz for your blog or web application. You can create a quiz for your blog without having HTML knowledge.

HTML Quiz Generator generates quiz code for bloggers and websites. The code generated by HTML Quiz Generator can be used in the blog post quiz. As of now, HTML Quiz Generator is using a simple quiz HTML template and the themes of the HTML Quiz Generator will be added soon.

HTML Quiz Generator generates multiple-choice quiz HTML code. In multiple-choice quiz HTML code, there is an option for single select and multi-select. The code generated by HTML Quiz Generator is javascript multiple choice quiz code. In HTML Quiz Generator you can customize the settings for multiple choice quiz HTML code for the timer.

HTML Quiz Generator helps you how to create quiz for the blog, generates HTML quiz code for bloggers. helps how to add MCQ in a blogger. By using this HTML Quiz Generator, you can create a quiz for your blog. This is a javascript quiz code generator. It creates a quiz HTML code.

HTML Quiz Generator Other Versions version 2, version 3, version 4
Click Here to see versions wise features.

HTML Quiz Generator version 1

You can customize the quiz design in version 2, version 3, version 4

Quiz Container Max Width:
Quiz Container Align:
Select Question Type:
Add Option
Expain Answer(Optional): It will be displayed when the answers are revelead.
Add Question
Themes and more features are available in version 2, version 3, version 4

Live Quiz View:

Copy the generated code and use it in your web application or blogger post.

Steps to add quiz in your blogger post:
  1. Copy the generated code.
  2. Goto blogger dashboard.
  3. Goto post html editor.
  4. If you have already content in html editor, paste the copied code at the end of the content.

Please give your suggestions in the below comment box to improve HTML Quiz Generator.


  1. Replies
    1. I am working on themes. Once it is done, i will add. It may take few days.

  2. Hai, Sir

    its amazing. I like this. Its realy helpfull for my website. I make a quiz using you code.

  3. I subscribed and confirmed via the link but have not received the code.

    1. Code will be shown in the same web page. Not through mail

  4. Thank you very much sir...... your support is really great. i have created mcq with your support. i requst to tell me how how to increase font size....plz sir improve font size with bold latter.

    1. search for " #quiz_container{ " in the above generated code and paste " font-size: 20px; " without double quote after " #quiz_container{ " . 20px is the font size . you can increase or decrease it

  5. i have try to many times but not reflect in font size. 20px is still show in mcq test. this font size is very small for mobile phone. plz sir i request to change font size in your coding program with bold font size for mobile display.

    your website is very useful for us... your are doing such a great job. again thanks. i have your will improve font size for moblile display.

  6. I Want to remove "This quiz has been created using the tool HTML Quiz Generator" is there any way for it

  7. Sir, can you please help me?
    When I embed the code on html Editor of my blogger post, it is not showing on the post. Is that because, I did something wrong or it has something to do this my template.

    1. Thank you sir,
      It's working. I try to view preview without publishing. I got it now.
      You did a great job.
      Thank you so much again sir.

  8. Sir,
    When I embed the code on html Editor of my blogger post, it is not showing on the post. Is that because, I did something wrong or it has something to do this my template

    1. Publish the post and view it using the generated url

  9. I Want to remove "This quiz has been created using the tool HTML Quiz Generator" is there any way for it

  10. Why its always empty when i paste the code on my html

  11. Tag not closed problem. Plz help

    1. I just checked your blog. It is showing the error that "you did not copy full generated code". So please copy total generated code and try again. (double click on generated code -> Ctrl+A --> Ctrl+C)

  12. Awesome articles thanks to share it

  13. I am not able to use this code i my blogger Please help

  14. Thank you. its very good. But how can I collect the responses? I am using this on a googlescript which looks like this

    function doGet(e) {
    return HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile('form.html');
    Here form.html contains your code. I need to collect all the results and save it to a file in the drive.
    By the way, I am new to html.

    1. The code generated in the current page does not collect response. Use the code generated in Survey Generator to collect the response in your google sheets.

  15. Hiiii... It's a very nice tool.. i want to buy this tool to create my Quiz Blog. Would you like to help me??

    1. Sure .. Let us discuss... email me through contact page


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